Custom Pouf

$275.00 - $300.00

I am listing an option here for a custom pouf/foot stool/seat.
Each of these poufs is entirely handmade from the fabric to the feet. With this custom option you will be able to choose your colors, weather or not your want little horse hooves and the height.
I weave the fabric on my loom for the sides and crochet a round piece for the top. There is a wooden base that is wrapped in fabric and a foam seat atop that.
Because I am not totally sure how to set up this totally customizable listing I will be contacting you via email after your order has been placed to get all the detail sussed out.
I will need about 2-3 weeks to make the pouf.
I am not going to offer handmade yarn for this listing because it is so time consuming that I would probably end up making a dollar an hour after all is said and done! But, the pouf that is displayed does have handmade mohair yarn (from my goats, Zelda and Franny)
Shipping is included.